Our Journey in Footwear Industry

We have almost 20 years of experience in the Footwear industry. Khorwal footwear started by Sitaram Khorwal, in Chembur. Prahlad Khorwal came to Mumbai in the year 1988, he worked at least 4 years for a different manufacturing company. He learned more about footwear and then he decided to open his own footwear manufacturing workshop. It was a very struggling phase for him, but his hard work and passion made Khorwal Footwear successful today.

Our first priority is to provide good quality products to our customers. Because quality plays a crucial role to grow any industry faster. With quality, we also care about our world environment. We are not using any machine to produce any waste which is harmful to our environment. Our products are purely handmade, in the material we are using recycled plastic for sole and we are not using animal leather for production.

The thing which makes us special i.e. customized products. We accept customized product like customers gives us a design which they want and we make it for them at a reasonable price. We also collaborate with other brands, we manufacture footwear for them and also provide a brand name.

Footwear Workshop
Workshop Picture

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